Board and Committees

R.I. Dist. 3120, Club No. 87884 Board of Directors for Rotary Year 2019-2020

Rtn Umesh Shah (PHF)


Rtn. Surendra Pal Singh (PHSM)

Immediate Past President

Rtn. Dr. Anju Agarwal (PHF)

President Elect

Rtn. Dr. Anju Agarwal (PHF)

Vice President (I)

Rtn. Puneet Bansal

Vice President (II)

Rtn. Neeraj Tayal


Rtn. Chetan Agarwal

Joint Secretary (I)

Rtn. Nirmal Jain

Joint Secretary (II)

Rtn. Dr. Rajeev Kumar Agrawal (PHF+1)


Rtn. Dr. Piyush Ranjan

Sergeant at Arms

Rtn. Suresh Prasad Tripathi

Chairman, Club Administration Committee

Rtn. Yogendra Kumar Agrawal (PHSM)

Chairman, Club Membership Committee

Rtn. Ashish Kumar Agrawal

Joint Secretary(II)

Rtn. Deepak Agarwal

Chairman, Club Service Projects Committee

Rtn. Kamal Kishore Shah (PHF)

Chairman, Club Rotary Foundation Committee

Rtn. Gunjan Shah

Chairman, Club Level Literacy Committee

  • President, I.P.P., Secretary and Treasurer will be ex- officio members of all the committees.
  • Chairmen/ Chairpersons of above mentioned committees will serve in the next year also either as chairman/ chairperson or member.


  • Rotary Club GONDA GREEN, Station Road Gonda, Uttar Pradesh
  • +91 9838158858


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